Publicity is a very important aspect of a business and you. It’s the word of mouth that takes one personality to the limelight. Have it come from a reliable and trusted source like Media One Entertainment.

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We accept articles and news under the following categories: celebrity, fashion, food, car, sports, business and other promotions.

We offer:

a. A dedicated page for your own article with 1 headline banner (Size:1000×600 pxl) … $100

b. A dedicated page with your own article, video, photo gallery and headline banner… $150

c. Featured Ad on the FRONTPAGE for a month and link to your dedicated article, video, headline banner & photo gallery…. $300

d. Request for personal interview with video footage and be featured on the front page of the e-magazine for 1 month, plus a dedicated page….$750 ( within Los Angeles County ). Other areas varies.

Article must be submitted a week prior to targeted posting date for our review.
We will send an invoice upon receipt of you article and your choice of advertising rate.
Payment must be received within 24 hours prior to posting date.

Please fill out the form below and mention “Advertiser” as the subject.