“Go15” The Revolutionary Car Engine Treatment and more! Check it out!

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Give Your Engine The Treatment It Deserves!

Reverse the wear and get better performance, less emission, and better gas mileage!

GO 15™ with its Metal Lubricity Technology® utilizes engine oil to deliver the product to high friction metal surfaces, inside the engine. GO 15 is a metal conditioner that uses heat and friction to produce a thermal reaction with the metal surface being treated. This phenomenon results in a change in the chemical composition of the metals surface creating a new metallic compound that re-surfaces or re-plates the old surface, reducing surface tension.

Use GO 15™ with your internal engine parts, wheel bearings, differentials, steering boxes, and manual transmissions all wear with regular use.

This new metal boundary surface is now free from most microscopic depressions, irregularities and friction points. The reduction of the metal-metal friction results in an improvement in all of the fundamental operating efficiencies. The advantages of GO 15™ technology are beneficial for consumer automotive and fleet truck use and include:

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Increased Power
  • Increased Mileage
  • Lower Emissions

Go15 front flyer - Car Fuel Maximizer

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