REBOUND, The Movie Review, World Premiere at the Downtown Independent Theatre

World Premiere at the Downtown Independent Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA, Reported by Jim Shimomaye ( Journalist) – In this psychological indie thriller, directed and produced by Megan Freels Johnston, Claire, an aspiring actress, discovers her boyfriend of 3 years in bed with an attractive, younger woman. Utterly devastated, she embarks on a 3 day road trip from Los Angeles to Chicago to be with her family in hopes of recovery and renewal. We are constantly reminded of her mental aguish by her numerous flashbacks of his infidelity. She believes leaving town altogether will be the best medicine. This ongoing theme of mental anguish is so prevalent throughout this film, the original title was called, “PTSD” but since that term is usually associated with war veterans, “Rebound” was selected and after seeing this screening, it’s a fitting title.

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From left to right – Kevin Bulla, Mark Scheibmeir, Ashley James, Wes O’Lee, Megan Freels Johnston, Stephen Tringali, Debra Trevino.

Many aspects of the thriller/horror genre come into play soon after her road trip begins. She loses her cell phone then her car breaks down on a dark desolate highway.  This is where she meets all the creepy characters in town. Gus, played by Wes O’Lee, a good Samaritan who drives her into town to the auto body shop. Eddie, played by Mark Scheibmeir, the mechanic, who informs her that her car will require a new part but that she will need to stay the night in town since the part won’t come until the next morning. Claire is also distressed by the cost to have her car fixed but she uses her girlish charm to knock off the labor and towing fees.

Before heading off to the local motel, Claire visits a local dive bar for some food and drinks. The scene stealer in this film comes from the not so hospitable bartender, played by Kevin Bulla. There, she encounters a few more creepy characters. After Claire comes back to the bar from having to use the payphone outside, she takes a few more swigs of her cocktail and we discover that she’s been drugged and this leads to the final and dramatic scenes of the film. Without spoiling the ending, it does end with a twist and like it or dislike it, it will make you think and it does make “Rebound” a fitting title.

For an indie film with a limited budget, “Rebound” is great directorial debut for Megan Freels Johnston. Strong performances from Ashley James, Mark Scheibmeir and the supporting cast. Pacing was a little slow out the gate but quickly draws you in. Looking forward to seeing more projects from this director and cast!

Downtown TheatersThe World Premiere of “Rebound” took place at the Downtown Independent Theatre in Los Angeles, CA on Thursday, August 27, 2015. The red carpet event included the main cast of “Rebound” including Ashley James, Mark Scheibmeir, Wes O’lee, Kevin Bulla, and Director/Producer, Megan Freels Johnston, Producer, Debra Trevino and other crew in addition to special guests. A Q & A session followed the screening with actor Brett Johnston moderating.


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