Two Los Angeles Victims of Bill Cosby– Their Response Statements to His Sentencing-

Actress/Attorney Louisa Moritz and Carla Ferrigno, Wife of Actor Lou Ferrigno

Los Angeles- Today’s sentencing of three to ten years for serial rapist Bill Cosby has generated strong feelings with all of the eighty or more women who have come forward including two of the women who were amongst the first ten to do so. Actress/attorney Louisa Moritz and Carla Ferrigno, wife of icon actor Lou Ferrigno have made the following statements today.

“ I am very disappointed for myself and all of the other women who have come forward and who have yet to come forward. Three years in prison is nothing compared to the 45 years I have suffered in fear and shame caused by this monster who raped me violently, then threatened my career. I pray that Cosby serves at least a full three years without the legal mumbo jumbo already started to get him out to house arrest because of health and age”, said Moritz.

Moritz is one of the seven women suing Cosby for defamation in Massachusetts and whose case has been allowed to proceed.

Carla Ferrigno, wife of icon actor Lou Ferrigno was victimized by Bill Cosby, and his complicit wife Camille after being invited to an non-existent party at Cosby’s house in Beverly Hills when she was actually under age. Although Ferrigno was not raped by Cosby, she stated that she found herself alone with him in the billiards room after Camille Cosby left her with him and then went to bed. She claimed he tried to serve her alcohol drinks and pressed himself up against her before she was able to flee.

“ I have been terrified all this week about the possibility of Cosby getting no time in prison at all. But today I am relieved he will pay the price for drugging and raping so many women. I support all the other ladies who have come forward. I only wish Camille Cosby would have been arrested for being complicit in the attempted rape on me, and I’m sure many others”, said Ferrigno.



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