Jeff Gund’s INFOLIST – New & Improved! Get Involve! February 18, 2016

Where: OHM Hollywood & Highland

Get involve! Jeff Gund’s INFOLIST wants you to be a part of the big leap!



Jeff Gund’s INFOLIST will be launching a new and improved site to serve you better in the entertainment industry. To participate with the plan, you are invited to attend the INFOLIST hosted PRE-OSCAR SOIREE in conjunction with a JEFF GUND BIRTHDAY PARTY at HOLLYWOOD HIGHLAND!

The lineup of special guests will be the most incredible yet, with PRODUCERS and EXECS on major OSCAR WINNING/NOMINATED films such as WHIPLASH and LONE SURVIVOR, Execs from STAN LEE’S POW! ENTERTAINMENT, the creator of the iconic CALL OF DUTY game franchise, writers of iconic films such as MEET THE PARENTS, the Co-Founder of E! ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION, and MANY MORE –

This will be the BIGGEST, MOST AMAZING EVENT EVER of INFOLIST – as they are tying it in with our super high-profile INFOLIST KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN LAUNCH CELEBRATION! Find out more of the campaign at this link: THE INFOLIST PROJECT

When: Thursday, February 18 at 7:30 PM – February 19 at 2 AM

Where: OHM Hollywood & Highland
6801 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, California 9002

Ticket Available herebutton eventbrite

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