by Cheryl Kane. Beverly Hills California

While some of the most coveted, summertime destination beaches along the East Coast were closed due to great white shark sightings, remembering Spielberg’s ”JAWS” and the wholesale fear and slaughter of one of natures oldest, most essential to the marine environment, the sharks, should give a new lesson in survival.

Let’s celebrate the human race, that nasty aberrant species that’s breeding faster than it can kill each other off.

Don’t tell my rabbis I said that. We’re created by G-D, in His image, and somehow, there is a sense of humor, and justice…somewhere…

Yigal Carmon, founder and life force for the MIDDLE EAST MEDIA INSTITUTE–MEMRI– has had a world impact on international geo-politics.

Former counter-terrorist adviser to two prime ministers, including RABIN, until he was assassinated, Carmon, born in Romania, is self taught in over seven languages. Fluent in Arabic and Farsi, both written and spoken with full dialect variations, his latest was Urdu, vital to Afghanistan.

MEMRI recently exposed the children in a Philadelphia mosque, some as young as 4 or 5, pledging allegiance to Jihad, Islamic terrorism, and the blood war that comes with it. Child soldiers of Allah, with beheading infidels as a high priority.

MEMRI, a privately funded Washington, DC think tank, has briefed the US government, and European nations on what the Arabs and Islamists say in their own language, while offering “peace” in the native tongue of host nations, which have been so blinded by oil money, massive influx of refugees and economic opportunities to see through a cloud of Caliphate domination.

In this never ending search for donor dollars, look up Subscribe. This has been a key organization on so many fronts.

As a new school year begins, its important to combat the misinformation generated against Israel, the Jewish people, and the new wave of vicious anti-Semitism and the war against our own American history.

If the BDS fanatics start to sound convincing in their rapid appeal to boycott all Israeli companies and commerce, go to, and learn of the latest developments in science, medicine, high tech in a country thriving through its own brain power. This week’s medical news revealed an Israeli patented blood test, to diagnose lung cancer at stage one.

I’m proud to have once written for that on line service founded by Zvi Alon in the darkest days of the “First Intifada” which coincided with 9/11. The goal was to focus entirely on Israel society, the giant strides of achievement, without reference to the conflict. Recently, Israel was rated number 11 in the healthiest nations to live in, despite the obvious stress of living in a dangerous neighborhood, and a still pervasive cigarette culture. The US was rated 32.

The American Dream has been hijacked by the radical left, intent on an agenda of inculcating self-hatred into every white person, every Christian, every conservative person of color, and of course, every Jew.

It’s no coincidence that the Arab League has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into western PR firms, to promote the forever victim image of the Palestinian. In fact the term “West Bank” was coined by the old king of Jordan, which meant everything from the Jordan River to the sea belonged to the Arabs. Suddenly, Jerusalem was such a key in the power struggle, when no Arab nation had claimed it as a capitol before.

President Trump’s promise to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was simply a promise made by almost every US president since 1948. The indigenous people of Israel, reunited in the fragment of European mass slaughter of the Holocaust, built a new modern nation and the State of Israel is an international treasure.

The Prophet Isaiah, said “Ye Shall be of every Nation,” and indeed Israel is that, with Ethiopians, Russians and descendants of every where proudly serving in the ISRAEL DEFENSE FORCES to ensure their freedom and future.

STAND WITH US is another vital organization, designed to assist students from high school to university level, to combat misinformation, lies and virulent anti-Semitisim with facts and courage of knowing the truth.

If I wanted to commit suicide, all I’d have to do is walk across the campus of UCLA (I was class of 1974), with a TRUMP t-shirt, and maybe a MAGA cap. Despite my handicap (significant titanium body parts), I’d be beaten and pushed down the Janss steps faster than the inquisitive priest met the Devil on the Georgetown steps in ‘”The EXORCIST.”

With the recent lessons of Shavout, where Moses was given Torah, and required to take a CENSUS of his people; “EVERY LIFE MATTERS”……

every fund raising dollar of support matters to. We’re on the frontline, and baby its WAR.

by Cheryl Kane. Beverly Hills California

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