Video of Sam Smith Celebrates Grammy Wins at In-N-Out Burger

Sam Smith is not letting his four Grammy wins go to his head.

Sam Smith is not letting his four Grammy wins go to his head. The English singer and songwriter appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Monday to talk about his post-awards show adventures. (watched video below)

“I went to my label’s house in the Hills and I flew my mum and my dad and my little sisters out. And we all had some In-N-Out,” Smith said.

Smith’s rise to fame has been meteoric to say the least. The singer recalled that when he walked the red carpet at last year’s Grammys, no one knew who he was. It’s doubtful he will ever have that problem again.

Smith also revealed that he was dating someone recently, but is currently single. Though DeGeneres cautioned him to watch out for those who want to take advantage of his fame, Smith said jokingly, “I’ve just got to make sure my next boyfriend can polish my Grammys for me.”

DeGeneres finished off the interview by presenting Smith with a custom-made cabinet to hold his four awards, as well as a onesie adorned with the phrase “4x Grammy Winner.”

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