Latest on the The 25th Annual Night of 100 Stars! Indeed, one of Hollywood’s Hottest Events!

Held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel February 22, 2015

The 25th Annual Night of 100 Stars Oscar Viewing Gala was indeed a success!

The arrival of approximately 150-200 film and TV stars graced the unforgetable night. Beverly Hilton Hotel is believed to be the right venue for this grand fashion celebrity filled event due to the growing number of attendees. Congratulations to the great host/ organizer  Norby Walters and his team.

The Night of 100 Stars Executive Producer is non other than the billionaire clothing designer/manufacturer Peter Nygard, the Founder and Chairman of Nygard International while Norby Walters, veteran music agent/producer, once again took his role as Dinner Chairman and host.


Peter Nygard

The Executive producer Peter Nygard couldn’t look any more handsome and was of course surrounded by beauties.


The Night of 100 Stars, indeed, one of Hollywood’s Hottest Events!




image006Football great Rosie Grier and his lovely wife showed up along with oodles of former Oscar winners and Celebritiies.




 Night of 100 Stars photo gallery courtesy of Lola Catanese

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