By Cheryl Kane. a best selling author, socialite, political humorist. Beverly Hills, California

The prediction is PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP will be re-elected, despite the political machinations of the Democratic party, and the “Impeachment” Nancy Pelosi pulled out of her crafty, couture sleeve, giving a new meaning to “designer duds.”

Pundits once dubbed RONALD REAGAN the “TEFLON PRESIDENT,” after he survived the near fatal assassination attempt, and his negotiation across the chess board of various political crises, mostly inherited from his disastrous predecessor, the peanut farmer and anti-Semite, JIMMY CARTER

I call Donald Trump the “TOWER” PRESIDENT.

As so many of my like-minded friends have commented, it was a given he’d be elected the day he descended the escalator at TRUMP TOWER, with his family by his side, and announced he’d be running for the highest power position in the world.

As many would say, “the handwriting was on the wall,” as clear as the golden letters of his name spelled out across international prime real estate.

Americans love potential for economic growth, and after eight years of the OBAMA Administration the MAGA message resonated with a vast majority. Thousands attended his rallies, and embraced the promise of “Jobs;” restoring fair trade and relieving the U.S. military from endless, inextricable foreign conflicts, as well as his commitment to fight terrorism, no matter what it’s source.

Apologizing for the greatness of this country ended when Trump took office. His very presence sent a frenzied, hysterical wail among the left, liberals and their anarchist comrades, determined to “resist” and take down his presidency by any means necessary.

Come November Pelosi might wish she’d found a better use for her congratulatory, autographed pens and waste of tax payer dollars (as if she cares), when President Trump is celebrating his four more years in office. Her glee over “Forever” Impeachment brings images of “The Scarlet Letter,” nasty, vindictive and in dramatic contrast to the success of the U.S. economy enjoyed by so many.

For terrorists like Iranian Death Lord, General Qassem Soleimani, President Trump is the Towering Inferno. ‘We will find you and kill you where ever you are,” is the clear and only message to a monster who’s resume included the death of over six hundred Americans, and the body armor piercing campaign of IUDs designed to maim and blow off limbs of soldiers, ruining young lives as punishment for serving their country.

Strength is respected, leave appeasement to the democrats.

One of President Trump’s great achievements will be the establishment of SPACE FORCE, the long over due anecdote to among other things, the huge CYBER-THREAT from China, Russia, Iran and the global list of hackers. Space is the endless new frontier, and Space Force will enable the U.S. to at least enter the already crowded playing field.

My dear friend, of blessed memory, LOU LENART, Captain, USMC (Retired), and hero in the 1948 ISRAEL WAR of INDEPENDENCE, wisely used to say, “Americans don’t understand the Arabs, and they never will.”

He followed the U.S. war in Afghanistan, Iraq and sadly concluded, “The war in the Middle East is not worth a single American life.”

After 9/11 I was convinced as most Americans, that the purpose of the war was to get the perpetrators of the attacks. Bin Ladin was smart enough to move his training camps to Brazil and other parts of the world.

Afghanistan is and will remain a corrupt, tribal society. One can only feel sad for the cruelty that is endemic in that region. President Trump is right to try to extricate us from an endless quagmire. His support for our military is legendary, and in sharp contrast to the Obama administration.

I’m almost finished with my book about the 1970’s, a pivotal decade. A certain conformity was instilled in popular culture, people like JANE FONDA, were key players. She is my top nominee for Anti-Semite of the Year, following the obvious choices like AOC and her hate Squad, Fonda deserves her title, and I do not make this decision lightly in the newest wave of violence against Jews across this country.

Fonda delights in her recent series of arrests in Washington, DC, for her new, alleged championship of Global Warming. This is a lady who never had an original thought in her head.

Her every move in her “Hanoi Jane” days in North Vietnam was planned by her then husband, professional radical Tom Hayden. Her actions directly caused the suffering and further deaths of countless U.S. POWs.

Once upon a time, I was a member of the INDOCHINA PEACE CAMPAIGN, Hayden and Fonda’s Santa Monica based organization. My dear friend, NINA LENART (Lou Lenart’s daughter, my pal at UCLA) and I quickly exited the group after they endorsed the terrorist Palestinian Liberation Organization. This is the modus operandi of people like Fonda. She was recently a featured speaker at a DC “peace” rally after the heroic take out of Soleimani. “Don’t think at all and idiots will follow,” is her unspoken motto.

I once extended an invitation for Jane Fonda to visit Israel with me, hoping to acquaint her with the advances in high tech, medicine and all aspects of culture and art so dominant in that country. She declined. The reply was she only goes to Israel “to meet with the Palestinian women.” This makes her a friend of the BDS movement, but chances are she couldn’t spell it.

DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. used to caution against equating Zionism with racism. Sadly this is a message that seems lost on high school, and certainly college campuses across the country.

In December I had the pleasure of attending the REPUBLICAN JEWISH COALITION Hannukah party, where the energetic California GOP Chairwoman, JESSICA PATTERSON spoke optimistically about key House races on the horizon this year.

Actor JON VOIGHT was also a special guest speaker. We compared thoughts on Hollywood hypocrisy, and the embedded conformity of the ever morally superior “activists.”

The Tower President will be re-elected. The American people reject socialism, and in fact, can’t afford to be socialists. Such a view point and determination to make everything “free” with other peoples’ money is for millionaires, BERNIE SANDERS and other front runners in the sad line up of Democrats come to mind. They collectively offer as much promise for the future as a stack of gold plated flatware on the TITANIC.

Happy New Year!


Cheryl Kane, is a best selling author, socialite, political humorist, financial planner and a Leader of the RJC Republican Jewish Coalition. She lives in Los Angeles with a lot of dogs. Represented exclusively by: Edward Lozzi & Associates 310-922-1200

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